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Crime victims long ignored find validation in Trump’s address to Congress

President Donald Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday was, by most accounts, very effective. Trump stayed on topic, refraining from veering into campaign mode we have become accustomed to since former President Barack Obama took office. The most memorable moment … Continue reading

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Set to speak at Houston conference, Trump alone in honoring crime victims

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is set to speak at The Remembrance Project National Conference in Houston, Texas. Trump’s participation in this event sets him apart from every other candidate in the presidential primaries and general election. Until Trump raised … Continue reading

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Trump hits two home runs as Mrs. Clinton strikes out on Mexico

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hit two home runs on Wednesday, meeting with Mexico’s president and then delivering a speech in Arizona that evening. In Mexico, Trump took questions from the press after a joint address with Enrique Peña Nieto. … Continue reading

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Obama and Clinton mute on deaths from federal weapons gone missing or trafficked

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats in general go after the 2nd Amendment any time there is a tragedy involving guns. The political exploiters sing to the anti-gun choir Democrats nurture. Yet not one single reporter has asked Obama, … Continue reading

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Amid anti-gun rhetoric, Mrs. Clinton silent on victims and misleading on lobbyists

At present, Hillary Clinton is gunning for guns in her performances at presidential campaign rallies. Among her favorite targets is an organization I belong to, the National Rifle Association. While Mrs. Clinton sometimes expresses sympathy for some murder victims, she … Continue reading

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After Obama speech, leftist media ignore federal negligence causing gun deaths

President Barack Obama is a master at shaping media messaging, and his speech arguing for more gun control is a perfect example. As Obama’s speech unfurled, US Special Forces were in a fight for their lives in Afghanistan and former … Continue reading

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Tarentino mute on murderers of Tyshawn, Jamiel, and countless others

Quentin Tarentino, perhaps in a typical Tinseltownie quest for self-validation, took to the pop culture stump recently. Tarentino played on an old fear, not just for low income black people but for low income whites as well—fear of cops. In … Continue reading

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