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Flip the spy coin: No snooping on the Clintons despite Bill’s global affairs?

As most legacy media focus on allegations about Russia and the 2016 US presidential election, President Donald Trump is the target. Thus far, newspapers like The Washington Post have run story after story usually sourced to anonymous “officials”. No charges … Continue reading

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Topic of cybersecurity hearing skewed as McCain preens for cameras

Today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing was billed as a hearing on cybersecurity, but after listening to parts of it, I concluded it’s just another chapter in the ‘Russia did it’ narrative. 

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Are CIA claims on Russia ‘hacking’ legit, or part of misinformation campaign?

When Donald Trump won the popular vote in 30 US states and one district in Maine, it upended predictions of many pundits, strategists, and news presenters. Subsequently Hillary Clinton and her supporters have accused Trump of everything from being a … Continue reading

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President Obama and Mrs. Clinton’s checkered past with Russia and the CIA

As conjecture and anonymously sourced claims abound alleging Russia interfered in the US presidential election, both sides of the aisle in Congress are calling for investigations. Ironically no one is calling or has called for investigations of events that impacted … Continue reading

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Chills ensue as CIA director admits he voted for Communist in 1980

If I had one word to describe this era in US politics, it would be unbelievable. The latest tidbit of news I’d apply that word to relates to the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a vote he … Continue reading

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CIA’s admission about ISIS in US; Obama and Clinton erred on “JV” comparison

With CIA director John Brennan’s shocking admission today, Americans heard for the first time from a member of the Obama administration that ISIS/ISIL is “probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives in the West, including refugee flows, smuggling … Continue reading

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