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Spy tales and intrigue: On Dem side of the aisle, Russia and Ukraine ties emerge

As media obsess over rumors about members of President Donald Trump’s campaign circle and Russia, what media aren’t obsessing about involves Democrats’ side of the aisle. For those in Hillary Clinton’s circle and former president Barack Obama’s, there’s plenty of … Continue reading

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Will a president disavow his and his secretary of state’s favors for Russia?

Having temporarily discarded the race card, opponents of President Donald Trump flipped their meme to Russia. For months, accusations have flown, sourced to anonymous leakers, targeting Trump and his associates’ alleged ties to Russia. Fact is Russia was granted generous … Continue reading

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Email leaks ignored by US politics media to keep voters ‘unaware and compliant’

WikiLeaks has released a flood of new documents allegedly hacked from longtime Clinton insider John Podesta’s email account. The emails contain explosive material such as the need to produce “an unaware and compliant citizenry.” 

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Podesta power: Smoke and mirrors for Hillary, from servers to lobbying

Few politicos have been as influential on Bill and Hillary Clinton as John Podesta. Podesta chairs Mrs. Clinton’s latest campaign. His life’s work has been involvement in government, and his tactics and policies have impacted the lives of every American. … Continue reading

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Media ignore Caddell’s call on RICO for Clinton Foundation

Pat Caddell is a longtime political analyst who has often been a lonely voice in criticizing his own Democrats’ party. Caddell is now pointing a finger at Clinton insider John Podesta who chairs Hillary Clinton’s current political campaign. He also … Continue reading

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Tapper lightens up presidential politics with Hillary pledge on UFOs

Jake Tapper lightened up a dark presidential politics season when he snagged a few minutes for a brief on unidentified flying objects. Tapper’s interview subject was none other than John Podesta, longtime Washington insider who served both presidents Bill Clinton … Continue reading

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Hillary has to praise Obama—Clinton machine dominated his administration

Morning news cycles made much of the fact Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail hearts President Barack Obama. A header at CNN about the latest debate between stealth socialist Hillary and open socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders said simply, “Clinton clings … Continue reading

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