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Coup saga: Five curious moments, including Nigeria speaker at DNC convention

Who can keep up with the ongoing conspiracy theories involving Russia and the presidential election? The assortment of real news, fake news, and in-between news is enough to confuse anyone. I cherry-picked five moments in this coup saga that shed … Continue reading

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As did Bush, Obama exhibits grace as Trump prepares to take helm

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated, President George W. Bush displayed grace and respect as our country’s transfer of power took place. Obama is following suit, setting an example his party members might do well to follow. In the US, … Continue reading

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GOP set for convention amid VP buzz, conjecture over what speakers might say

The Republican National Committee has released a partial list of speakers for next week’s convention amid a media frenzy. Media are claiming presumptive nominee Donald Trump will select Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence as the vice-presidential pick. Leftist media like The … Continue reading

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Harvard prof shocked by racial bias in study on police shootings

Harvard professor of economics Roland G. Fryer, Jr. seemed shocked at the results of a study he conducted on “more than a thousand” police shootings “in 10 major police departments, [sic] in Texas, Florida, and California.” Fryer apparently believed police … Continue reading

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Obama’s radical adviser, Dem congressman attack environmental expert

Opinion by Kay B. Day The secretive, militant global warmist complex is attacking an environmental expert, and media are ignoring the assault. President Barack Obama’s radical science adviser John P. Holdren and Democrat congressman Raul Grijalva (Ariz.) who is as … Continue reading

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