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WikiLeaks presser nails it: US intel report on Russia meddling “embarrassing”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange held a presser on Jan. 9 via Twitter and Periscope, and he nailed the US intel report on allegations Russia meddled in the US election. Assange said the “report” is “not an intelligence report…it is quite … Continue reading

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Election Today: Donald Trump and the US versus the Clinton World Order

As I try to post this column, my Internet connection continues to go in and out. I’ve become accustomed to it. Not only on my laptop, but on my cell phone. For instance, if I’m on Twitter and I click … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks’ Assange goes to war with pro-Clinton NYT over ‘hatchet job’

The New York Times published a front page article on Aug. 31 about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, alleging WikiLeaks’ disclosures have benefited Russia. The lengthy piece was presented as news, not opinion. Assange, naturally roared back with a rebuttal tearing … Continue reading

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For publisher of WikiLeaks, mentions of assassination are customary despite 1st Amendment

Media went ballistic, completely fabricating a story about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after he implied supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution wouldn’t stand for the Supreme Court to rule against ownership of guns. The day after … Continue reading

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