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Virginia mandate: GOP must make peace with all under the ‘Big Tent’

How many times have I heard Republicans use the term ‘Big Tent’? More than I can count. It’s easier to preach it than to erect it, apparently. After the Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a man who has no experience running anything … Continue reading

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Virginia governor’s race hinges on one thing: Turnout

Today Virginians decide who will run the state named for the “Virgin Queen,” Elizabeth I. Polls generally favor the Democrat Terry McAuliffe whose loyalty to the Clinton dynasty is well-known. He was rewarded with stump candy from both former President … Continue reading

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In bid to promote his fundraiser pal, Clinton appears confused about “fanatics”

Former president Bill Clinton is promoting his fundraiser pal Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor. McAuliffe is opposed by Ken Cuccinelli, current Attorney General of the state. Clinton isn’t a spring chicken anymore, but you can still count on him to … Continue reading

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