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Rubio, Trump, Cruz, Carson’s moments of truth amid ‘robotic’ media and competitors

For a minute this morning, I wondered if I saw the same GOP debate pundits and news presenters saw last night on ABC. Media are thumping Rubio for being “robotic.” The only robots I see are national media allying with … Continue reading

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Obama policy on Cuba opens door for drilling, but at odds with anti-carbon rhetoric

President Barack Obama’s calls, echoed by fellow Democrats like Hillary Clinton, to lift the embargo on Cuba will open the door for the communist country to drill in waters near Florida. 

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Benefits to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and a pipeline if Obama nuclear deal holds

If President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran holds, big benefits will be realized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The Guards were formed as a parallel to the military after the country’s transition to an authoritarian regime partly empowered because of … Continue reading

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Iran celebrates pipelines and weapons as leader calls for fight against US arrogance

As US officials and the president tout a deal with Iran based on verifying without “trust,” Europe may be one of the beneficiaries economically. For the European Union, energy security is a challenge because the EU relies on Russia gas … Continue reading

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Democrat mix of attorneys, leftist eco-groups, politicos hold up Keystone

Apparently Nebraska is holding the ball right now that would advance the Keystone XL pipeline held in limbo by left of center environmentalists for years. The state’s Supreme Court will take up a legal challenge to Keystone brought by landowners … Continue reading

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Socialist group joins tribes in effort to halt Keystone XL

Despite another report, this one from the U.S. State Dept., asserting that the Keystone XL pipeline project is “safe for the environment,” some Indian tribes in the U.S. and Canada have a new ally in trying to halt the project. … Continue reading

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