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Trump presser: Callout to CNN on ‘fake news’ as NBC drops bombshell

President Elect Donald Trump held his first presser today, calling out CNN for ‘fake news’ as more information surfaces about a controversial ‘report’ involving Trump and the Russian government. Meanwhile, NBC dropped a bombshell about the whole affair. 

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Topic of cybersecurity hearing skewed as McCain preens for cameras

Today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing was billed as a hearing on cybersecurity, but after listening to parts of it, I concluded it’s just another chapter in the ‘Russia did it’ narrative. 

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Are CIA claims on Russia ‘hacking’ legit, or part of misinformation campaign?

When Donald Trump won the popular vote in 30 US states and one district in Maine, it upended predictions of many pundits, strategists, and news presenters. Subsequently Hillary Clinton and her supporters have accused Trump of everything from being a … Continue reading

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Finance blogger calls out Yellen, Schumer on leak to Democrats

The financial site Zero Hedge is frequented by people interested in the world of finance. Now a popular ZH blogger who uses the pen name Tyler Durden is calling out chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen  and New York … Continue reading

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