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Katy Perry lights up social media with ‘no borders’ remark after Manchester bomb

The majority of pop culture entertainers are Democrats who lean far left—that’s no surprise. Katy Perry fits the stereotype, and backlash to her remarks after the bombing in Manchester at a concert heavily attended by young people probably didn’t surprise … Continue reading

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Whedon factor: Why I call Twitter the cesspool of social media

Imagine this. A Tinseltown star born with a silver pedigree enjoys a charmed life doing what he loves—directing and writing films. He’s fortunate—you’d think he’d spread sunshine wherever he goes. Instead, he appears bent on spreading negativity and hatred towards … Continue reading

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National Lutheran organization brings Israel bias to fruition with political resolution

For several years, I perceived the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the national organization for the faith, as trending anti-Israel. Rhetoric began to be far more biased towards what is now called the ‘Palestinian Cause’. The ELCA in general began … Continue reading

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UK paper wrong on Arab Spring: Some ‘imagined the consequences’

The Telegraph, a United Kingdom paper considered conservative by many in the US, did something few media have done. The paper pointed out negative consequences of the so-called ‘Arab Spring.’ However, the newspaper erred when it claimed “the rest of … Continue reading

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Among leftists like McGowan, key US rights fall victim to terrorism

Rose McGowan, an entertainer perhaps best known for her role in the pop-horror film Scream, hysterically attacked men and the GOP as news broke about the shootings in San Bernardino, California. McGowan, like so many others in the politics-entertainment class, … Continue reading

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Heil, MU! First Amendment canceled by professor and mob

During a staged protest at the University of Missouri on Monday, an assistant professor aided by an apparently lobotomized mob shut down a reporter’s rights in such an outrageous manner the prof should be fired and banned from education on … Continue reading

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