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Trump commits to law and order amid trickle down lawlessness from leaders

http://industrialhvacrservice.com/sg_blog_content/blog/feed.php?uniq=5a5d4dd95683a Special Feature at Day on the Day After a man armed with a gun carrying 23 rounds of ammunition was shot while fleeing police in Milwaukee, riots ensued. Racism was in full swing by people who participated. Businesses were damaged, … Continue reading

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Obama and Clinton mute on deaths from federal weapons gone missing or trafficked

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats in general go after the 2nd Amendment any time there is a tragedy involving guns. The political exploiters sing to the anti-gun choir Democrats nurture. Yet not one single reporter has asked Obama, … Continue reading

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Judge goes easy on California senator for racketeering; knew guns were for terrorists

California senator Leland Yee whose passion for gun control was legendary, has been sentenced to five years in federal prison for public corruption and a guns scandal that should leave Americans reeling. Making matters worse, Yee knew the guns he … Continue reading

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Why you could fill a book with Democrat scandals media ignore

As the latest scandal for Democrats plays out in the VA hospital system, media have missed the broader story about the “progressive” party. For years, at every turn, scandals and corruption have surfaced within both state and federal government bureaucracies … Continue reading

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Ethics mess for Rep. Gutierrez involves $590,000 taxpayer dollars

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is known primarily as a single issue congressman. For him, it’s all about immigration, and he’s been so vocal about it, he echoed major political player the U.S. Chamber of Commerce whose president said that if … Continue reading

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Media typically quiet as newcomer Hamilton seeks scandalized legislator’s seat

A scandalized state legislator in Texas faces a newcomer to politics in November, David Hamilton,  but media haven’t talked up the controversy. Charges were filed against Texas House member Rep. Ron Reynolds (Dist. 27). Reynolds became engulfed in a scandal … Continue reading

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Blog Sorties for April 7, 2014

A roundup of under-covered or ignored news, courtesy of the Blogosphere. Al Sharpton—Man of many pasts including snitch? AL SHARPTON transformed himself from media attacker of innocent men accused of rape to a major voice in Democrat Party politics. For … Continue reading

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