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Trump’s temporary ban, the UN mystery, and the deal he ‘inherited’

Media and politicos are ranting about a temporary ban on a small number of Muslim-majority countries’ travel. What is forgotten is how we got to this point and President Barack Obama’s policies on certain international actors before Trump took office. … Continue reading

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Tiegen drops a Benghazi bombshell at military appreciation luncheon in Florida

John (‘Tig’) Tiegen spoke at a military appreciation luncheon in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 25. Tiegen survived assaults on US properties in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Attendees listened as Tiegen shared his experiences as part of a six-man … Continue reading

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Media mute about data dates, details on Clinton’s scrambled server

There’s a key element in Hillary Clinton’s servers scandal,  and media are mute. It has to do with what was happening in US foreign policy during a particular time frame regarding at least one server FBI director James Comey described … Continue reading

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Despite numerous scandals, including ‘ransom’ to Iran, president says Trump ‘unfit’?

President Barack Obama has long stumped for his political party from the presidential pulpit, and it stands to reason he will continue to do so until his last day in office. Obama’s latest insult to the GOP presidential nominee is … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Benghazi spin poses direct threat to First Amendment

Amid new releases documenting failures of both President Barack Obama and his then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Benghazi (Libya), Americans are blind to the threat the 2012 attack poses to freedoms for every person in the USA. Media are … Continue reading

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Obama and Clinton mute on deaths from federal weapons gone missing or trafficked

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats in general go after the 2nd Amendment any time there is a tragedy involving guns. The political exploiters sing to the anti-gun choir Democrats nurture. Yet not one single reporter has asked Obama, … Continue reading

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Top Hillary donor ensnared in UK suit over prostitutes and Libya fund trades

Another top donor in the course of Hillary Clinton’s government career is engulfed in yet another scandal. This time, there are allegations the donor used prostitutes and other favors as part of tactics to “win business from the Libyan Investment … Continue reading

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