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As former FBI director James Comey testified about Russia, President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama’s last attorney general Loretta Lynch, Trump probably felt like he had a good day. Lynch? Not so good. 

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As media and congressmen like Republican House oversight chair Jason Chaffetz (Utah) and Democrat senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) head to talk TV to expound about Russia’s influence on the 2016 election, no one except for a single news website is … buy modafinil bangkok

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Ed. Note: The FBI is releasing the transcript today. If there’s anything substantive, Day on the Day will do an update. President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch hit the Sunday TV talkies, giving flimsy reasons for the White House’s … buy modafinil from canada

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Could Loretta Lynch as attorney general backfire on Democrats as 2016 approaches? As hearings commence regarding the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General, social media is filled with customary snark between those who support her and those who … buy modafinil in mexico

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