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Chicago ‘Moses’ travels from Chicago to Jax to urge Latino support for Mayor Brown

Residents in Jacksonville (Fla.) may not have realized it, but the Chicago ‘Moses’ was in the First Coast City recently to do some politicking for Mayor Alvin Brown. 

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Media fail again in covering rumors about Obama’s immigration legislation

Media have failed again as the watchdogs many claim to be in covering rumors about President Barack Obama’s threats to enact de facto legislation on immigration. We might as well call it legislation, because that’s what it will be if … Continue reading

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GOP passes common sense border bill; elitist media ignore details

Stories by a number of elitist media ignore details in legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives to address the lapse in national security and the recent increase in breaches at the southern border. The House passed a common sense border bill that … Continue reading

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Why you could fill a book with Democrat scandals media ignore

As the latest scandal for Democrats plays out in the VA hospital system, media have missed the broader story about the “progressive” party. For years, at every turn, scandals and corruption have surfaced within both state and federal government bureaucracies … Continue reading

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Ethics mess for Rep. Gutierrez involves $590,000 taxpayer dollars

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is known primarily as a single issue congressman. For him, it’s all about immigration, and he’s been so vocal about it, he echoed major political player the U.S. Chamber of Commerce whose president said that if … Continue reading

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Blog Sorties for April 3, 2014

A roundup of under-covered or ignored news, courtesy of the Blogosphere. OBAMACARE finally put a smile on the president’s face despite the fact the enrollments don’t come close to the figure he originally cited as uninsured—45-46 million. While the several … Continue reading

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