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Authors of much-praised ‘Shattered’ omit key Trump quote, misleading readers

Authors of the book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign have been courted by a number of media on both right and left. Some conservative show hosts touted the book, apparently believing it places blame for the loss on the … Continue reading

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Refugees stranded because of presidential decision, say no warning given

As groups organize to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order affecting migration from seven countries dealing with conflicts driven by Islamist goals for a caliphate, some refugees are still stranded because of a different presidential decision. Some of these refugees … Continue reading

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As Nieto cancels visit with Trump, media falsify information, suffer amnesia

Mexico president Enrique Nieto has canceled a visit with US president Donald Trump. Trump began to fulfill promises as soon as he took office, pushing for the southern border wall to be built and repeating his assertion Mexico will fund … Continue reading

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Federal gunrunning scandal resurfaces with Chaffetz Tweet

The gunrunning scandal stemming from the Dept. of Justice’s role and actions in the operation known as Fast and Furious has resurfaced. With a Tweet on January 5, House Oversight chair Jason Chaffetz [@jasoninthehouse] resurrected the years-long scandal most media … Continue reading

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Trump hits two home runs as Mrs. Clinton strikes out on Mexico

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hit two home runs on Wednesday, meeting with Mexico’s president and then delivering a speech in Arizona that evening. In Mexico, Trump took questions from the press after a joint address with Enrique Peña Nieto. … Continue reading

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Details: Trump immigration speech set for tonight

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had what appeared to be a successful meeting with Mexico president Enrique Peña Nieto. Trump’s speech and responses to questions from media were very well done. Tonight Trump will speak about his immigration plan. Right Side … Continue reading

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Alt-left tramples free speech again; US flag ban in South Carolina

Gradually, with little attention from the public, the alt-left championed by Hillary Clinton and Democrats has once again trampled free speech. The latest shredding of the First Amendment to the US Constitution happened in South Carolina.

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