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Spy novel potential: Deep State saga marked by former CIAers, missing data, and false accusations

As pundits earn their keep debating about President Donald Trump and ongoing ‘investigations,’ many have overlooked the progression in the Deep State saga. Former CIA spooks, a veritable mountain of missing data, and false allegations have all played a role … Continue reading

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President Obama and Mrs. Clinton’s checkered past with Russia and the CIA

As conjecture and anonymously sourced claims abound alleging Russia interfered in the US presidential election, both sides of the aisle in Congress are calling for investigations. Ironically no one is calling or has called for investigations of events that impacted … Continue reading

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Tiegen drops a Benghazi bombshell at military appreciation luncheon in Florida

John (‘Tig’) Tiegen spoke at a military appreciation luncheon in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 25. Tiegen survived assaults on US properties in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Attendees listened as Tiegen shared his experiences as part of a six-man … Continue reading

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Intrigue surrounds spoiler spy: Indie candidate goes Hillary on GOP voters

As a veteran of dustups with the #NeverTrump crowd on both sides of the political aisle, I decided to look into the background of independent presidential wannabe David Evan McMullin. I decided to do it after seeing an insulting Tweet … Continue reading

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Chills ensue as CIA director admits he voted for Communist in 1980

If I had one word to describe this era in US politics, it would be unbelievable. The latest tidbit of news I’d apply that word to relates to the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a vote he … Continue reading

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Former Bush CIAer endorses Hillary with strange statement; bio sources go missing

Mike Morell served the CIA for more than three decades. Morell penned an editorial in The New York Times declaring support for Hillary Clinton, the status quo candidate in the 2016 presidential race. Morell penned words that could easily bring … Continue reading

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