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How to lose a war: Administration opposes new trial for soldier doing his duty

Losing a war is pretty easy. Hamstring soldiers with suicidal Rules of Engagement, refuse to label and target your enemy, flail around with foreign policy, and kowtow to people you can’t trust. While you’re at it, praise an alleged deserter … Continue reading

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Politics of Bergdahl case contrast sharply with Lorance outcome

Two officials in the US Army are recommending Bowe Bergdahl not be sent to jail despite the fact everyone knows the private abandoned his post. That is not in dispute. He was allegedly taken by Taliban and, said Stars and … Continue reading

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Shocking video for Lorance case: Evidence withheld, soldiers’ lives devalued

I recently said in an email to the mother of former 1LT Clint Lorance that every time I go through information related to his case, I get so angry my blood pressure rises. Lorance is seeking a new trial. He … Continue reading

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Military horror show: former 1LT Lorance asks for new trial

Clint Lorance, former first lieutenant in the US Army, has asked for a new trial after being convicted of murder and other charges in a process that can be honestly described as a military horror show. Why was Lorance convicted? … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton gets benign treatment while members of military are railroaded

Some media have contrasted the plight of Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler to the situation likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces. The treatment of Brezler, however, by the country he placed his life on the line for, has deeper … Continue reading

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