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Railroaded soldier turns to Congress after unjust trial; Lorance is not alone

Former 1LT Clint Lorance, serving a long sentence in military prison after being railroaded by the government of the country he served, is putting his time to good use. Lorance hopes to spur reform in the Uniform Code of Military … Continue reading

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For judgment call similar to president’s, soldier got 20 years in prison

Pt. 12 in a series on the court martial of 1LT Clint Lorance Links to all previous articles in the series and to Lorance supporters’ websites as well as the petition are at the end of this article. A US … Continue reading

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Government secret in Lorance trial: Witnesses had immunity

Pt. 3 If you were accused of a crime and a witness who testified against you had received immunity for any act he took related to that alleged crime, wouldn’t you want a jury to know about it? That didn’t … Continue reading

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