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Media imply Trump to blame for Olympian’s detention; Obama did it

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s travel ban applying to a small number of Muslim majority countries, an Olympian stepped forward to share her tale of detention at a US airport. Ibtihaj Muhammad, an avid devotee of the patriarchal … Continue reading

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Epic fail by media, Dems and GOP on migration and Trump

Donald Trump has done it again, taking control of the national conversation about the general topic of migration when it comes to Muslims in the US. Both Republicans and Democrats fired on Trump for his latest controversial statements, including his … Continue reading

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AG fail: Having targeted 2nd Amendment, Dems aim at First again

For decades Democrats have repeatedly targeted the First Amendment in an effort to expand government control over speech. The party dominated by hard left ideology seeks a more European stance on speech. No developed country limits government power over speech … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton deceives in speech: Orphans and discriminating against Muslims

When Hillary Clinton took to her stump to tell us how she would stop the latest manifestation of a decades long problem—this go ‘round, it’s ISIS/ISIL—she meandered to this: “Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming … Continue reading

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Foreign policy blunder: Facts upend Obama and media on refugee claims

President Barack Obama misjudged security concerns about the refugee crisis spilling from Europe into the US homeland, and a speech he gave in the Philippines this week indicates another foreign policy blunder. Choosing to inject the US 2016 presidential race … Continue reading

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Refugee dilemma: Christians disadvantaged as Muslims dominate

Social media is aflame right now in the US regarding the refugee dilemma created by chaos in Syria. Compassion is, as I mentioned in a previous column, in conflict with security concerns. While many of us perceive the horrendous human … Continue reading

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Why do media presenters like Chuck Todd dodge critical questions about faith?

Are media presenters like Chuck Todd (NBC) obsessed with but uninformed about Islam and faith in general? Todd recently asked top tier GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson a series of questions about  Islam. I’d have rather Todd asked Carson … Continue reading

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