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Most media ignore expanding House IT scandal despite ties to Intel Committee

You’d think media would jump all over a story that sounds like a spy novel. A family of workers is contracted by members of Congress to take care of IT needs. Said family receives millions of US tax dollars over … Continue reading

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Investigations of Ukraine ‘interference’, House IT scandal warranted

With the 2018 midterm elections in mind, Democrats continue to keep a narrow focus on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election despite other potential interference that should definitely be investigated. Those potentials include Ukraine as well as a … Continue reading

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Why is House IT scandal seething with national security issues being buried?

Considering the wide scope the US government employs in surveilling all of us, it’s hard to understand why a scandal related to House intelligence and national security committees is being buried by media. There is a huge national security story … Continue reading

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SEAL Team 6 forgotten as media miss ‘malarkey’ in Biden’s remarks on national security

Vice President Joe Biden understandably slammed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday at the Democrats’ national convention. Biden wants his party to keep the White House in November. Biden used the term “malarkey” to criticize Trump. Then Biden said … Continue reading

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Repeat security lapses: Afghan trainees go missing again

Media, citing a release from the military, say two trainees from Afghanistan have gone missing from Moody Air Force Base in the Valdosta, Georgia area. The incident is at least the third involving the US government’s failure to keep track … Continue reading

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