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US News & World Report best states: Curiosities and sidenotes

US News & World Report rated states to see which ones performed best for the people who live there. If you look at facts about the states, it’s interesting when you look at the top five and compare populations to … Continue reading

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Recount lawfare: Why not California, Nevada, and others?

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who didn’t win a single state in the 2016 presidential election, launched recount lawfare in states flipped from Democrat to GOP by President Elect Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, who won 232 Electoral College votes, has … Continue reading

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For Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, sparks will fly Saturday at GOP debate

Days ahead of the New Hampshire primary, followed shortly thereafter by the South Carolina primary, and with the Ides of March promising a windstorm of unpredictable outcomes, sparks will likely fly at the GOP debate on Saturday. Top of the … Continue reading

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Alt Media Busts Trump antagonist at ‘No Labels’ in New Hampshire

Alt media site The Conservative Treehouse claims to have busted a Trump antagonist at a No Labels event on Monday in New Hampshire. A young woman whose expressions suggested she doesn’t care for the GOP front runner asked leading questions. … Continue reading

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Analyzing Trump Town Hall birther fracas that began with president’s agency

Pundits are dissecting the latest fracas over remarks involving Donald Trump after a man at a Town Hall in New Hampshire asked a series of loaded questions. Trump, ever dismissive of politics as usual, didn’t pull a John McCain and … Continue reading

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