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As President Donald Trump deals with leaks from government insiders who worked, on taxpayer dollars, to produce a different outcome in the November election, media are ignoring another scandal related to President Barack Obama’s administration. Media and many politicos cast … buy modafinil ireland

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Families of victims murdered in Charleston are suing the US government because a background check on accused shooter Dylann Roof went askew. Roof wasn’t charged with terrorism after shooting 9 people worshiping in a historic black church in June, 2015. … buy modafinil bulk powder

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Obviously there are rules for you and me and rules for those who are connected to the political class. Insulated by status, members of this class do as they please. After all, a major federal agency trampled First Amendment rights … order modafinil europe

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In the aftermath of the Charleston massacre, a debate has arisen regarding the federal definition of terrorism. Statutes give the federal government wide berth in defining an act of terrorism, but presidents have been wary of using it.

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What does it take for the federal government to admit a killing is considered domestic terrorism? That’s a hard question to answer these days. As the investigation of the Oklahoma beheading continues, once again the issue of domestic terrorism is … buy modafinil melbourne

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