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Most media are jumping on a release Judicial Watch published today showing then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s email system hosted on private unsecured servers “was hacked 10 times in two days from November 27-29 [2010].” What media aren’t doing is … buy modafinil online canada

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As should be expected, Tweets about the Republican convention in Cleveland (OH) ran the gamut after opening day. There was widespread praise for former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech. There were ‘Uncle Tom’ insults aimed at black Republicans. And Pat … buy modafinil in mexico blog

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Another top donor in the course of Hillary Clinton’s government career is engulfed in yet another scandal. This time, there are allegations the donor used prostitutes and other favors as part of tactics to “win business from the Libyan Investment … buy modafinil from usa

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I’ve long said national media is beholding to one political party, and that isn’t likely to change soon. For Democrats, national media of all types function as a de facto arm of the party. That, in my opinion, is the … buy modafinil israel

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President Barack Obama misjudged security concerns about the refugee crisis spilling from Europe into the US homeland, and a speech he gave in the Philippines this week indicates another foreign policy blunder. Choosing to inject the US 2016 presidential race … buy modafinil new york

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None of the news coming from Libya these days is good, yet Hillary Clinton has managed to escape the conflagration she helped President Barack Obama create. Clinton now has an arguably viable opponent for her party’s 2016 nomination for president … get modafinil prescribed in canada

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California’s open season on drivers’ licenses has begun, but in the country with the most impact on US immigration, it’s not so easy to get a license. Mexico is a major actor in undermining US sovereignty, but our southern neighbor … buy modafinil turkey

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