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Debate takeaways: Creepy clown smiles, missing $6 billion, and Iraq war vote

The final presidential debate in Las Vegas on October 19 delivered what many who support Donald Trump for president wanted to see. The Republican nominee kept his temper despite statements from his opponent that were designed to rattle him because, … Continue reading

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National Lutheran organization brings Israel bias to fruition with political resolution

For several years, I perceived the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the national organization for the faith, as trending anti-Israel. Rhetoric began to be far more biased towards what is now called the ‘Palestinian Cause’. The ELCA in general began … Continue reading

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Did libertarian think tank analyst misspeak on welfare for immigrants?

An update on welfare for foreign nationals as well as immigrants in the US legally drew criticism from an analyst at Cato. You’d expect a libertarian think tank to be on the open borders side of the aisle, but you … Continue reading

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Democrats love a border wall as long as it’s not in the US

Saying one thing and doing another is a bipartisan political tradition, but US funding to help provide security along Tunisia’s border takes the prize for hypocrisy. President Barack Obama, Dems’ presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, and various ethnic profiteer groups have … Continue reading

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Status quo Dems: Open borders, appeasing tyrants dates to FDR

Franklin D. Roosevelt remains popular among academics who view him through a rosy lens. FDR is long dead, but his policies still guide Democrats in a perpetual status quo. For instance, the open geographic borders the US maintains today were … Continue reading

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Actions by rioters in California fit federal definition of terrorism

Legacy national media have downplayed violence in places like Costa Mesa (Calif.) where rioters appear to have broken federal terrorism laws as they targeted presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and his supporters on Thursday. A video posted at InfoWars.com, a site … Continue reading

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Jamiel’s Law referred to committee, gets cosponsors

By Kay B. Day “It was an honor to have Jamiel Shaw speak at Conservative Opportunity Society and share his story of his 17 year old son, Jamiel Shaw II, being murdered by an illegal alien the very day after … Continue reading

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