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Trump should call for investigation of relations with Russia, starting with Bill Clinton

Which president pushed a bailout for Russia? Which president presided over the US paying Russia for arms for Afghanistan? Which president got half a million dollars for a speech in Russia? Which president pushed for Russia to join the WTO? … Continue reading

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President Obama and Mrs. Clinton’s checkered past with Russia and the CIA

As conjecture and anonymously sourced claims abound alleging Russia interfered in the US presidential election, both sides of the aisle in Congress are calling for investigations. Ironically no one is calling or has called for investigations of events that impacted … Continue reading

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Russia and US Democrats: Spy ring should have been red flag

Right now GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is the target of a well-orchestrated, multi-front propaganda campaign courtesy of media eager to keep the White House in a Democrat’s hands. Top of the memes: Russia as bogeyman. In fact, Democrat contender … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 controversies forgotten: Russian spy, bundler who forged documents

As Mrs. Clinton makes another attempt for the US presidency, she has largely escaped the wrath of many in media. Despite publicly documented falsehoods, the bulk of gotcha-style reportage has been directed at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. In 2008 … Continue reading

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Is US divisive protest culture influenced by foreign interests?

In the United States, professionally organized protests often become more high profile in media ahead of an important election, especially if the left perceives its candidates to be weak. There’s opportunity now for the right opposition candidate, because there is … Continue reading

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The Americans, season 3: Spy story like real life past and present

Season 3 of ‘The Americans’ strikes up on FX on January 28, with life on the home front getting messier for the main characters who are KGB undercover agents, Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell). The series is … Continue reading

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ABC cancels spy series, but spies remain among us

If you hoped to catch the second episode of the ABC miniseries The Assets on Thursday, you were disappointed. Despite previews being shown the week before, the network canceled the show about CIA officer turned Soviet spy Aldrich Ames. Ames … Continue reading

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