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Orlando shooter’s wife arrested after sealed indictment filed Jan. 12

Noor Zahi Salman, widow of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen, has been arrested in San Francisco after she was indicted on January 12. Salman, who was arrested on Jan. 16, faces charges of “aiding and abetting the attempted provision and … Continue reading

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Intrigue surrounds terrorists’ wives gone missing and hefty travel budgets

After the latest terrorist attack on US soil courtesy of alleged bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, news broke that his wife and mother are no longer in the US. That status is reportedly shared by the Orlando shooter’s wife. The women … Continue reading

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In racist ad Dems play favorite card as alt-left Clinton supporters ignored

Democrats have played their most frequently used card in the party’s longstanding divide and conquer tactics, going full racist with a new ad. While the ad focuses on controversial racial groups not supporting Dems’ anointed candidate Hillary Clinton, her own … Continue reading

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Money matters: Who fills the Trump and Clinton war chests?

National political media have set up Donald Trump as a target and Hillary Clinton as someone whose “experience” is trustworthy. Never mind how Mrs. Clinton’s “experience” unglued the Mideast and North Africa. Forget how her malfeasance with a personal email … Continue reading

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Orlando mass killer was Hillary supporter—national networks ignore

Anytime a controversial person expresses support for a Republican candidate, with or without the candidate’s blessing, national TV networks make much of it. For days after the support is expressed, the attempted tainting of the GOP candidate occupies 24/7 news … Continue reading

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