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Whedon factor: Why I call Twitter the cesspool of social media

Imagine this. A Tinseltown star born with a silver pedigree enjoys a charmed life doing what he loves—directing and writing films. He’s fortunate—you’d think he’d spread sunshine wherever he goes. Instead, he appears bent on spreading negativity and hatred towards … Continue reading

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Beware the polls as Dems target ‘deplorables’ and ‘everyday Americans’

In 2008 and 2012, I wrote about polls. As many Republicans did, I took note of the oversampling of Democrats in every major poll I looked at. I’ve read that pollsters do this because people who declare themselves Dems outnumber … Continue reading

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Trump lawsuit dustup: Ryan ignores racial issues and federal code of conduct

US House Speaker Paul Ryan has called GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s remarks about a judge in a politically driven lawsuit over Trump University “racist.” Trump noted the judge’s ethnicity and the businessman said he isn’t being treated fairly. He … Continue reading

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Media focuses on Ryan meeting with man he doesn’t know

Donald Trump once again has media’s attention as he meets with a variety of GOP bigwigs in Washington today. TV networks showed split screens filled with media workers eager to get the scoop on whether Trump and the GOP can … Continue reading

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Doublespeak in the #NeverTrump PAC realm

At the moment GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has conservative super PACs spending millions to derail his shot at the nomination. Do these PACs just want to stop Trump or do they have a shadow candidate in mind? What, exactly, do … Continue reading

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