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Are you a political bigot?

Have you banned someone from social media or your life because you disagree with his or her politics? Do you walk around comparing former or current presidents to Hitler? Do you believe every claim your favorite pundit makes, even if … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Fourth? Ditch politics, if your loved ones will let you

Is your family, like mine, divided over politics? I think for many Americans, the answer would be yes. My solution for this holiday and others is to ditch politics when your family gathers. This can be more difficult sometimes than … Continue reading

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Fascinating take on Trump and conservatives, courtesy of ‘Dilbert’ creator

The most fascinating take on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has been delivered, courtesy of the creator of Dilbert (and the equally quirky Dogbert). 

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Battle for 2016 will include media machine war

New voices have emerged, often outshining longtime media outlets. Just as our president does, I have some favorites among new media. President Barack Obama has taken advantage of new media to directly message supporters of leftist policy, and Republicans have … Continue reading

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