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With smear Rep. Lewis dismissed outcome of popular vote in 30 states including his own

Georgia Democrat congressman John Lewis smeared President Elect Donald Trump, and in doing so, Lewis dismissed the legitimacy of the popular vote cast in 30 states. By now anyone who’s surfed TV news is probably aware of Lewis’ latest Republican … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump prof spinning for Hillary and election overturn gets mic cut by Carlson

Anti-Trump professor Robert McElvaine got his mic cut on Tucker Carlson’s show on Tuesday, and as I watched, I had to admire Carlson’s patience. McElvaine refused to answer questions and continued to spout rhetoric, talking over the show host. McElvaine … Continue reading

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Media fail: Final look at spin on national popular vote total

If you have a Hillary Clinton supporter in your family—or multiples as I do—chances are you’ve heard some, not all of them, angrily dismiss President Elect Donald Trump’s win. The reasoning goes like this: “Hillary won the popular vote! She … Continue reading

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Failed polls and pundits aside, who correctly predicted Trump would win?

Obviously, most polls failed to deliver a valid conclusion about the US electorate. Those failed polls aside, there were a few correct predictions on this election, and it’s a wonder media didn’t pay them much attention. Or is it?

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