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As Dems and media target Trump, Reagan’s 1980 questions still relevant

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is gaining in polls in key swing states, and Democrats have taken note. Several high profile left of center newspapers took note as well, and have created lots of content in an effort to squelch … Continue reading

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From FDR packing to 1960 resolution, SCOTUS justice controversies

Upon hearing the news Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed, many of us who hold in high regard the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were shocked. Scalia wasn’t just a justice; he was an institution. His views on … Continue reading

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Romney, Reagan and FDR ghosts loom as GOP and Dem bases rise up

It’s hard to trust The Washington Post when it comes to coverage of the GOP, so an article resurrecting the ghost of Mitt Romney should probably be taken with a grain of salt. The article titled “Time for GOP panic? … Continue reading

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Reagan victory a good lesson on politics industry as GOP debate looms

Political journalism is perhaps the most biased sector in media, simply because anyone writing about politics has an opinion. At present, it is very difficult to tell the pundits from the reporters. As Americans get ready to view the first … Continue reading

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Grubered: Comparing Obama to Reagan and Bush on immigration

Are we being Grubered again, this time on what politicians falsely call “immigration”? Democrats want President Barack Obama to push amnesty through without the cooperation of Congress, and they’re citing past actions by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush … Continue reading

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