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Either way, candidates’ positions on ‘immigration’ will matter in 2016

A new Gallup poll shows the issue politicians label as ‘immigration’ will matter in the presidential race for 2016. The poll, however, reflects complexity on the issue. As Americans watched unaccompanied minors, many of them male, breach the US southern … Continue reading

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Will early poll described as ‘Hillary crushes’ lead to negative outcome for her?

It’s early on in the 2016 presidential election cycle, but polls abound and most pit presumed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton against a field of potential Republican candidates. Neither party has confirmed a nominee yet, but media are obsessing about where … Continue reading

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Sydneys Voluptuous Buttocks among 196 registered for 2016 presidential run

Commentary by Kay B. Day The American Dream, despite reports to the contrary, appears to be alive and well, evidenced by 196 candidates who aspire to win the presidency of the United States. Republican senator Ted Cruz (Texas) may be … Continue reading

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