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Political science prof with solid forecast record says Trump will win

Helmut Norpoth, a professor of political science at Stony Brook University, is shaking up the poli-sphere with a prediction. Norpoth told Lou Dobbs on Fox Business channel on Tuesday Donald J. Trump will be the next US president. Norpoth has … Continue reading

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Do undocumented foreign nationals have an impact on US presidential elections?

When it comes to how the US elects a president, do undocumented foreign nationals (also commonly called illegal aliens) have an impact on the number of electoral votes a state has in presidential elections? Do you know how the process … Continue reading

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Battle for 2016 will include media machine war

New voices have emerged, often outshining longtime media outlets. Just as our president does, I have some favorites among new media. President Barack Obama has taken advantage of new media to directly message supporters of leftist policy, and Republicans have … Continue reading

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