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Status quo Dems: Open borders, appeasing tyrants dates to FDR

Franklin D. Roosevelt remains popular among academics who view him through a rosy lens. FDR is long dead, but his policies still guide Democrats in a perpetual status quo. For instance, the open geographic borders the US maintains today were … Continue reading

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Actions by rioters in California fit federal definition of terrorism

Legacy national media have downplayed violence in places like Costa Mesa (Calif.) where rioters appear to have broken federal terrorism laws as they targeted presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and his supporters on Thursday. A video posted at InfoWars.com, a site … Continue reading

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Film debut for ‘Clinton Cash’ expose on US royal couple’s globalist deals

When Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash debuted, even legacy media acknowledged the shady nature of global dealings by US royal couple Bill and Hillary Clinton. Schweizer’s book has been made into a documentary film that will debut in May at … Continue reading

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Male reporters outnumber females in Politico’s Hillary-friendly poll

Anyone who’s worked in media knows most people in the industry lean Democrat. So results of a survey conducted by Politico shouldn’t surprise us. What did surprise me is the pool of respondents when it comes to gender. 

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Acela pronunciation and results gobble up social media

The pro and anti-Trump split in the GOP generates a lot of media coverage. Dems get less attention for their own split. After the Acela primaries, social media reflected the split in both parties and primary results gobbled up social … Continue reading

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Clinton mysteries continue as ‘key’ email hidden by State released

President Barack Obama’s Department of State hid a ‘key Benghazi email’ said Judicial Watch, the group whose lawsuit has forced the disclosure of information related to attacks on US properties in Benghazi, Libya.

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Why isn’t Clinton talking about Chicago’s bloody Sunday?

Amid media reports 20 people were shot in Chicago on Sunday, politicos like Hillary Clinton continued calls for gun control. Even if Mrs. Clinton had her wish and confiscated every traceable gun in the country, weapons would still find their … Continue reading

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