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After the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, anti-second amendment types again are taking to the stump. Fact is Democrats could attempt to seize every gun in the land, and a premeditating murderer would still find a way to … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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You knew it would happen. As soon as news began to proliferate about the murders of innocents at a small college in Oregon, the White House began to promote a familiar narrative. Amid controversy over Russia’s ascendance in Mideast affairs, … buy modafinil boots

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If you haven’t checked out the work of talented cartoonist A. F. Branco, you should. Capitalizing creatively on breaking news of the day, Branco blends humor and truth in works that, in a meritocracy, would have won him a big … order modafinil europe

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Breaking news on a breach of Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s personal information is front and center right now because even left of center legacy media know laws were broken by federal bureaucrats. A DHS inspector general’s report revealed the complete lack … buy modafinil in uk

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Former CIA officer Michael Scheuer rarely agrees with status quo Democrats or Republicans on foreign policy, and he is roundly dismissed by some because he is harshly critical of US policy towards Israel. Scheuer is now weighing in on Russia … buy modafinil next day delivery

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The FBI is intent on dealing with a source of funding for the terrorist group ISIL. Archaeological and historical objects provide ready cash for the Islamic State in the Levant group seeking to establish a caliphate. Think tanks say the … buy modafinil pills online

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Talking politics with a friend a couple days ago, he said he’s stopped watching political coverage on cable stations. “Seems like they want to pick a candidate for us,” he said. Why would a network favor one candidate over another? … buy modafinil toronto

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