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In the aftermath of violence in Charlottesville, all figurative guns turned on President Donald Trump when he made remarks about the violence shortly after it happened. So much is missing from reportage, it’s hard to know where to start. For … buy modafinil ireland

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The latest clashes between extremist groups and other activists in Charlottesville should be a wakeup call for US mayors. Once campaigns for the nation’s 2018 midterms power up, protests are even more likely. What happened in Charlottesville might have been … buy modafinil boots

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Announcements about a Day of Rage scheduled for more than three dozen US cities have popped up on social media lately. The original source appears to be a video. If you attempt to determine the truth about the event, things … buy modafinil online europe

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Judging the mass of people who apparently have lots of leisure time on their hands and funds to travel to New York City, you’d think carbon emissions are a top issue for the whole world. You’d think media would ask … buy modafinil in canada

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The Republican National Committee chaired by Reince Priebus and the Concerned Women Political Action Committee teamed up for a ‘Fire Harry Reid’ protest on the Capitol steps on Tuesday. The protest aimed to call attention to gridlock caused by Reid’s … buying modafinil online legal uk

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Venezuela has received scant attention from President Barack Obama and his administration amid Ukraine news and PPACA/Obamacare fallout. Socialism is experiencing an epic failure in Venezuela, but few who hold power in the U.S. have spoken out. Gov. Rick Scott … buy modafinil paypal uk

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