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Ahead of her pundit show on Sunday, Rachel Maddow teased the public via social media. That isn’t unusual—who among us doesn’t want as many eyes as possible on a “scoop”? Late last night after Maddow’s scoop went belly up, social … buy modafinil ireland

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If you have a Hillary Clinton supporter in your family—or multiples as I do—chances are you’ve heard some, not all of them, angrily dismiss President Elect Donald Trump’s win. The reasoning goes like this: “Hillary won the popular vote! She … buy modafinil bitcoin

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A roundup of under-covered or ignored news, courtesy of the Blogosphere. Al Sharpton—Man of many pasts including snitch? AL SHARPTON transformed himself from media attacker of innocent men accused of rape to a major voice in Democrat Party politics. For … buy modafinil online europe

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