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Harvard prof shocked by racial bias in study on police shootings

Harvard professor of economics Roland G. Fryer, Jr. seemed shocked at the results of a study he conducted on “more than a thousand” police shootings “in 10 major police departments, [sic] in Texas, Florida, and California.” Fryer apparently believed police … Continue reading

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After Trump’s Duke disavowal, Dem disavowals long overdue

I get tired of saying I told you so, but one thing you can count on as November, 2016 approaches will be Democrats’ emphasis on the complexions of voters. Dems will trot out what we improperly call the race card … Continue reading

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Big dollars in education policy sector for ‘white privilege’ and ‘biases’

If you’re a parent with a child in public school, you will, by the time the child graduates, have been exposed to numerous policy wonks who reap big taxpayer bucks for experimenting on students. Education policy, often experimental, is a … Continue reading

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Iran leader goes Sharpton; Possible terrorist gains from deal ignored

Iran’s top leader has gone Sharpton even as the Obama administration aggressively pursues a deal with the country whose potential terrorist gains from the deal and a pipeline are downplayed by the United States government and media. Sound convoluted? Welcome … Continue reading

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By Dems’ yardstick, is change in IRS rules race-based?

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing new rules for “tax exempt social welfare organizations”, presumably to “provide guidance…on political activities related to candidates that will not be considered to promote social welfare.” Does the change have anything to do with … Continue reading

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Did ‘southern White radicals’ derail Obamacare?

No one should be surprised when a personality like Gloria J. Browne-Marshall injects a faulty racial element in explaining the disastrous false-promise we call Obamacare. The technical title for the bill bears an inherent falsehood: the Patient Protection and Affordable … Continue reading

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