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Is Anonymous/BLM Day of Rage for real, or hoax?

Announcements about a Day of Rage scheduled for more than three dozen US cities have popped up on social media lately. The original source appears to be a video. If you attempt to determine the truth about the event, things … Continue reading

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School principals and Clinton judge zapped two Constitutions in Cinco de Mayo case

Opinion by Kay B. Day The US Supreme Court has turned down a petition on the matter of Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District. The case arose after students’ rights were oppressed by the principal Nick Boden and the … Continue reading

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Does bid request mean Dems will import workers despite glut?

At present progressives pound home the notion that wages must be raised, partly because the cost of everything is going up. There’s a contradiction in that call, however, because Democrats apparently plan to continue to increase the worker supply in … Continue reading

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