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Hillary resurfaces, and so did more emails as Senate FBI oversight hearing commenced

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) may regret asking FBI director James Comey a loaded question during a Senate Judiciary hearing on oversight of the FBI on May 3. As Comey responded, the normally calm director actually showed some emotion. As the … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton likes to erect walls—between information and the public

Amid the campaigns for the US presidency, one thing is obvious. When damaging information about Mrs. Clinton emerges, media circle the wagons and target Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter what Trump says. He is a Republican and media coalesce around … Continue reading

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Governor touts Hillary’s hiring skills despite email scandal and lethal failure

In a recent interview on Fox & Friends, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper touted Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s experience and singled out one asset in particular. The governor said nothing about the Clinton email scandal or her policies that in at least … Continue reading

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DRC negligence shows Mrs. Clinton’s voting rights concern applies only to US stump

Hillary Clinton has reverted to a favorite meme for her party, voter suppression. What makes her rhetoric fall  flatter than a sheet of paper involves Clinton’s failure as secretary of state on the matter of the Democratic Republic of the … Continue reading

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