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Comey Day good for Trump, bad for Lynch

As former FBI director James Comey testified about Russia, President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama’s last attorney general Loretta Lynch, Trump probably felt like he had a good day. Lynch? Not so good. 

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Florida briefs: Hat tip to Scott as packed field vies for House seat and poll favors Rubio for Senate

The race for US House District 4 in Florida is a packed field while Sen. Marco Rubio is favored to succeed in his efforts for reelection. Meanwhile, Florida’s governor is due a hat tip for helping a veteran. Florida news … Continue reading

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Pundits, moderators, activists confused by Trump’s appeal

“The middle class believes the rich get the benefits, the poor get the programs and they get stuck with the bill.”—Ed Goeas, The Tarrance Group Most of us who aren’t wealthy consider ourselves middle class although economists avoid the term. … Continue reading

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Post debate messaging coup: Christie declares for Trump

In the GOP debate in Houston, Texas on Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) double teamed frontrunner Donald Trump. On Friday morning as pundits began to analyze the debate, rightly crediting Rubio for landing some hard … Continue reading

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At CNN debate, Trump won’t be sole target for robotic ‘gotcha’ questions

Which candidate really bests both Democrats in poll matchups? What mislabeled topic will be part of the questions in tonight’s debate? Who pulled a ‘Harry Reid’?  Yet another in a long line of Republican presidential debates takes place tonight at … Continue reading

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Political attacks on Rubio worthy of attacks on a frontrunner

Attacks on Florida senator Marco Rubio continue, and the escalation in these attacks are akin to attacks on a frontrunner. I’ve pointed out—even before Iowa—growing momentum for a candidate who could bridge the gap between the populace and the political … Continue reading

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Socialism fail: Venezuela desperate for medicines as inflation tops 100 percent

Social media burns with messages about medicine shortages in Venezuela where inflation is well over 100 percent. As Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders touts European-style socialism to starry-eyed youth in the United States, our neighbor to the south is struggling to … Continue reading

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