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As establishment media troll Trump, outrage ensues amid amnesia

Is there any doubt establishment media is trolling US president Donald Trump? Not in my mind. As numerous actors in media and government debate Trump’s retaliatory insult towards Mika Brzezinski, a personality with MSNBC News, amnesia strikes again. I’ll say … Continue reading

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Details emerge after shootings at congressional baseball practice; five injured

Ed. Note: I will be updating this as news comes in. I will place updates below the original story. News is breaking about shootings at an early morning congressional baseball practice in Alexandria (VA). Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot … Continue reading

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Missed opportunities, predictions fulfilled in Rubio vs. Cruz debate in Des Moines

I flipped the channel last night between my favorite series (the James Spader draw), Donald Trump’s rally and veterans’ fundraiser, and the GOP debate in Des Moines. I predicted Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) would go … Continue reading

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House passes critical REINS Act; will Democrats obstruct?

The US House passed the REINS Act on July 28, and although the act would do much for regular Americans and for small businesses, many may be wondering if Democrats will obstruct the legislation in the US Senate. The bill … Continue reading

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Rand’s ‘pre-nouncement’ punctuated by snark from Graham

Profiles of 2016 Presidential Contenders Commentary by Kay B. Day Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is expected to formally announce a bid for the White House on Tuesday, and ‘pre-nouncements’ abound across cyberspace. Paul enjoys general tolerance from old guard GOP, … Continue reading

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Slight redemption on measles for Sen. Paul as CDC struggles for answers

By Kay B. Day As media hyperventilate on what, in the global context, is a small measles outbreak in the U.S., Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made remarks about vaccines. Legacy media immediately created a firestorm. Yet there is redemption for … Continue reading

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Blog Sorties for April 15, 2014

Roundup of news from top blogs in the ‘sphere WE WON’T FORGET WHAT HAPPENED WHEN TERRORISTS HIT BOSTON LAST APRIL after two malcontents [allegedly] maimed and killed innocent people.  It probably won’t shock you to learn the younger malcontent has … Continue reading

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