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At DC rumble, Can CNN hosts be fair when Cruz and Sanders debate Obamacare tax bill?

CNN has announced a special debate on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly referred to as Obamacare: “WASHINGTON, D.C.—Feb. 1, 2017— CNN anchor Jake Tapper and chief political correspondent Dana Bash will moderate a Town Hall Debate with … Continue reading

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Cruz gets job done in Wisconsin as Sanders upsets Mrs. Clinton; what’s next?

Heading into the primary season, who would’ve thought Wisconsin would become a key state in the process? On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) on the Republican side and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont) on the other side won the state of … Continue reading

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Pundits, moderators, activists confused by Trump’s appeal

“The middle class believes the rich get the benefits, the poor get the programs and they get stuck with the bill.”—Ed Goeas, The Tarrance Group Most of us who aren’t wealthy consider ourselves middle class although economists avoid the term. … Continue reading

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At CNN debate, Trump won’t be sole target for robotic ‘gotcha’ questions

Which candidate really bests both Democrats in poll matchups? What mislabeled topic will be part of the questions in tonight’s debate? Who pulled a ‘Harry Reid’?  Yet another in a long line of Republican presidential debates takes place tonight at … Continue reading

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Who moved the needle in the latest GOP debate in Vegas?

In the latest GOP debate held in Las Vegas on Tuesday, candidates took on the issue of national security. Did the needle move for any candidate in the debate hosted by CNN, and if so, which one(s)? 

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Romney, Reagan and FDR ghosts loom as GOP and Dem bases rise up

It’s hard to trust The Washington Post when it comes to coverage of the GOP, so an article resurrecting the ghost of Mitt Romney should probably be taken with a grain of salt. The article titled “Time for GOP panic? … Continue reading

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Cruz puts Delery on hot seat over 2nd Amendment in confirmation hearings

A retread from the tenure of former Attorney General Eric Holder is up for associate attorney general. During confirmation hearings, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) put Stuart Delery where he deserved to be—on the hot seat. 

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