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As leftist media attack Trump, little said about aspiring DNC head and hate group

Days after the 2016 presidential election and state races delivering a resounding defeat to Democrats across the nation, The New York Times ran a letter promising it would “rededicate” its coverage to be more honest after realizing shilling for Hillary … Continue reading

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US blacks, whites, others lose in politically and falsely defining race

We are a nation of simpletons, not cowards, when it comes to race. Racial issues continue to dominate politics in the United States, and no sector pushes the issues more than the left. The left often also claims the crown … Continue reading

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Kos political agenda: West Point professor’s slavery essay omits context, history

An essay about slavery and the Civil War by Col. Ty Seidule, Professor and Head, Department of History at the United States Military Academy, West Point, was recently featured at Daily Kos after being published at a website titled Prager … Continue reading

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Baltimore mayor came up short on leadership, has ties to NOI

Commentary by Kay B. Day Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake came up short on leadership as criminals and gang members exploited the death of Freddie Gray. Gray suffered a fatal injury at some point in law enforcement’s pursuit and detention. … Continue reading

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Extremism summit: The problem is white supremacism

Opinion by Kay B. Day Based on a claim by an attendee at President Barack Obama’s extremism summit, we’d best beware those rightwing extremists: “Most extremism in the US is white supremacism.” And don’t you know all the world’s ills … Continue reading

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The Crusades and 100 year anniversary of a genocide: Obama speech ignites

Analysis by Kay B. Day President Barack Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast set off fireworks in the blogosphere and status quo media. Sunday talk show hosts nattered about the president’s remarks, with pundits focusing largely on his mention … Continue reading

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Bay Area CAIR executive director draws fire for anti-military remarks

Over Memorial Day weekend, the San Francisco Bay Area executive director for CAIR drew fire for remarks on Twitter about the U.S. military. Zahra Billoo tweeted: “Zahra Billoo ‏@ZahraBilloo May 23 struggles with Memorial Day each year. How does one … Continue reading

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