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Buckley is dead, but Trump and Sanders met him in New Hampshire

Pundits are scratching their heads, gazing at their navels, and nattering in front of cameras. The polls were right after all. Trump and Sanders won New Hampshire. By double digits. How did two men initially presumed unlikely victors become victors? … Continue reading

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Poll finds 42 percent of Democrats who probably can’t define it find socialism favorable

First in a series Making pit stops in the Blogosphere are articles on a new poll revealing 42 percent of Democrats find socialism favorable. These are the voters who may support self-declared socialist senator Bernie Sanders over stealth socialist Hillary … Continue reading

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Pelley errs: All candidates, including Sanders, deserve Trump treatment

Politics never will make common sense, and an interview CBS’ Scott Pelley conducted with Democrats’ hopeful presidential contender Bernie Sanders is a perfect example of my maxim. If you measure the interview on Sept. 27 [Face the Nation] and interviews … Continue reading

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WWWWW: Who is Bernie Sanders and why does he say he’s a socialist?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is giving likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a minor headache right now because he is drawing big numbers to rallies and he is rising in the polls. Many dismiss the likelihood Sanders will wrest the … Continue reading

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U.S. gives little attention to socialism fail in Venezuela

Venezuela has received scant attention from President Barack Obama and his administration amid Ukraine news and PPACA/Obamacare fallout. Socialism is experiencing an epic failure in Venezuela, but few who hold power in the U.S. have spoken out. Gov. Rick Scott … Continue reading

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Rubio a lone voice in U.S. supporting protesters in Venezuela

Protesters aiming at government reform of a corrupt and inefficient regime in Venezuela are begging for help via Twitter, but they are not getting much help from U.S. media or the White House. The most popular voice in social media … Continue reading

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Socialism fail: Tweets on Venezuela go to Rubio

As Venezuela’s socialist model continued to deteriorate, Twitter blazed with messages from residents and their supporters hoping to reform their government. The unrest shouldn’t surprise anyone. After the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s national election results in 2013 showed the … Continue reading

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