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Obama gets sly pass on border info takedown before election

As the November elections drew near, the Obama administration first published and later removed data about apprehensions on the US-Mexico border.  

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Mexican military reportedly fires on U.S. Border Patrol as national security risks increase

If you study activity on or near the U.S. southern border instead of buying into political rhetoric, you will come to an uncomfortable conclusion. It’s only a matter of time before the U.S. pays a very high price for politicians’ … Continue reading

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Dems’ policy spurred border disaster; ICE agents noted “extremist approach” in 2012

President Barack Obama’s policies have produced a disaster on the U.S. southern border as thousands from Central America and Mexico pour across. Although some media appear surprised, this outcome was entirely predictable. As early as 2012, the National ICE Council … Continue reading

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Gangs, human traffickers, drug cartels must be celebrating border breach

How many criminals are coming across the U.S. southern border at present? Not one person who claims to be a journalist is talking about it. What crimes will be committed by new recruits or expansions of gangs, human traffickers, and … Continue reading

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Media, politicians ignore epic disaster on U.S. southern border

At present U.S. media is gobbling the latest bite the White House tossed, with debate centering around the validity of President Barack Obama’s deal exchanging 5 top Taliban leaders for controversial soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Pop culture news is also eagerly … Continue reading

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