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Update on Syria: Hard to trust what can’t be verified

US President Donald Trump says, “We’re not going into Syria,” as pundits across the land debate missile strikes aimed at ensuring Syria’s Asad regime doesn’t use chemical weapons in the future. Some Trump supporters decried the strikes while others applauded … Continue reading

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Syria debate pulls in strange statement from Clinton, admission from Russia

The debate over Syria, deliberately downplayed by both major US political parties during the 2016 presidential election, has rekindled. Critics on both sides of the aisle claim US president Donald Trump erred. Allies in the region bordering Syria are praising … Continue reading

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Trump’s temporary ban, the UN mystery, and the deal he ‘inherited’

Media and politicos are ranting about a temporary ban on a small number of Muslim-majority countries’ travel. What is forgotten is how we got to this point and President Barack Obama’s policies on certain international actors before Trump took office. … Continue reading

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Obama and Clinton mute on deaths from federal weapons gone missing or trafficked

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats in general go after the 2nd Amendment any time there is a tragedy involving guns. The political exploiters sing to the anti-gun choir Democrats nurture. Yet not one single reporter has asked Obama, … Continue reading

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Democrats love a border wall as long as it’s not in the US

Saying one thing and doing another is a bipartisan political tradition, but US funding to help provide security along Tunisia’s border takes the prize for hypocrisy. President Barack Obama, Dems’ presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, and various ethnic profiteer groups have … Continue reading

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Brussels attack reminds the ‘scorpion’ of ISIS bites more than USA

The 2016 presidential election gobbles up most media space these days, but the attack in Brussels early Tuesday reminds Americans the world remains at war with ISIS. Although the Combined Joint Task Force, an international coalition led by the USA, … Continue reading

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UN targets football games, concerts for new tax

The United Nations, a global bureaucracy with a leftist bent and a passion for increasing revenue, is targeting football games and concerts for new sources of humanitarian aid funding. The tax idea is being promoted as “voluntary”, for the present … Continue reading

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