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Budget hawks target forced entitlements like Medicare for cuts, and budget gluttons just want to print more money despite record debt levels for the US government. However, both sides of the congressional aisle, and also the executive branch headed by … buy modafinil online canada

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Members of both parties in Congress seem to have one agenda—continue to increase federal revenue otherwise known as taxes and/or fees while failing to account for trillions in spending. Nothing illustrates the failure of big government bureaucracy more than the … buy modafinil boots

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Anyone who digs into government records and reports available online will soon realize just how irresponsible and even dishonest the federal bureaucracy has become. Now a new report from the Dept. of Defense Inspector General shows US taxpayers are funding … buy modafinil online europe

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For several years, I perceived the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the national organization for the faith, as trending anti-Israel. Rhetoric began to be far more biased towards what is now called the ‘Palestinian Cause’. The ELCA in general began … buy modafinil in europe

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An exchange in the March 10 CNN debate between news presenter Dana Bash and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump deserves a hard look. Trump brought up “waste, fraud, and abuse” in the federal government. Bash cited a figure from one think … buy modafinil modalert uk

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Federal laws and regulations are so complex and abundant, it’s a given that if someone wants to take you down by making allegations, even if spurious, you will have to spend sizable sums of money to defend yourself. Federal agencies … buy modafinil pills online

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Despite controversies about outcomes of progressive anti-poverty programs in the United States, President Barack Obama and Democrats who controlled the whole government when he took office decided to tackle global poverty with a new program called Feed the Future. By … buy modafinil sun pharma uk

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