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Orlando shootings transcript an indictment of media coverage on terrorism

The Orlando Police Dept. released a transcript of conversations between Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and negotiators on Friday amid a barrage of politics news about the upcoming debate and other issues. The release of the transcript is an indictment of … Continue reading

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Intrigue surrounds terrorists’ wives gone missing and hefty travel budgets

After the latest terrorist attack on US soil courtesy of alleged bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, news broke that his wife and mother are no longer in the US. That status is reportedly shared by the Orlando shooter’s wife. The women … Continue reading

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France attacked again on Thursday; so was USA

  Most of us heard the terrible news coming from France late last night after a terrorist mowed down celebrants observing Bastille Day in Nice. Primary weapon of choice was a truck. As that news broke, a quieter story emerged … Continue reading

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Charleston families’ suit over background check points to missed flags in shootings

Families of victims murdered in Charleston are suing the US government because a background check on accused shooter Dylann Roof went askew. Roof wasn’t charged with terrorism after shooting 9 people worshiping in a historic black church in June, 2015. … Continue reading

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CIA’s admission about ISIS in US; Obama and Clinton erred on “JV” comparison

With CIA director John Brennan’s shocking admission today, Americans heard for the first time from a member of the Obama administration that ISIS/ISIL is “probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives in the West, including refugee flows, smuggling … Continue reading

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Hillary kicked female CIA officer to curb, silent on extraordinary rendition

Former CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa is about to be extradited to Italy, sentenced to prison for serving the US government in accordance with the policy of the president at the time. De Sousa has, like others, been abandoned by … Continue reading

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Mexico Firsters destroy property, burn US flags, attack cops in Albuquerque

Media are reporting on violence at a rally where Donald Trump spoke in Albuquerque (NM) on Tuesday. Cars were vandalized, rocks were thrown at police, and at least one Trump supporter who is wheelchair bound claimed he was assaulted. What … Continue reading

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