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Just in from Judicial Watch, an organization ever in search of disclosure about our government. Sues for Records on Links Between FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe  (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it today filed … buy modafinil ireland

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Circa News is leading coverage of investigations targeting FBI acting director Andrew McCabe. While 24/7 news cycles obsess over Russia as fall-guy for Democrats’ bitter loss of the presidency in 2016, other sites like Circa are covering critical news. The … buy modafinil boots

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While Democrat and select Republican backlash to President Donald Trump’s November victory is not surprising, what is surprising is the man now at the center of control over what is loosely called ‘The Russia investigation.’ That investigation began in summer, … buy modafinil ebay

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As Mrs. Clinton makes another attempt for the US presidency, she has largely escaped the wrath of many in media. Despite publicly documented falsehoods, the bulk of gotcha-style reportage has been directed at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. In 2008 … buy modafinil in canada

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Commentary by Kay B. Day Anyone who researches and tracks the issue politicians improperly call “immigration” comes to a conclusion quickly. The federal bureaucracy is mired in corruption, incompetence, and political cronyism. Most of the failure is top down. I … buy modafinil next day delivery

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Today Virginians decide who will run the state named for the “Virgin Queen,” Elizabeth I. Polls generally favor the Democrat Terry McAuliffe whose loyalty to the Clinton dynasty is well-known. He was rewarded with stump candy from both former President … get modafinil prescribed uk

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Former president Bill Clinton is promoting his fundraiser pal Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor. McAuliffe is opposed by Ken Cuccinelli, current Attorney General of the state. Clinton isn’t a spring chicken anymore, but you can still count on him to … buy modafinil sun pharma uk

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