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As Dallas grieves after violence, police chief no stranger to personal tragedy or criticism

Police Chief David Brown gave media a synopsis of what happened in Dallas on July 7 during a protest by Black Lives Matter. Violence erupted, and five police officers were assassinated. Little information has been forthcoming about suspects, but Brown … Continue reading

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Post debate messaging coup: Christie declares for Trump

In the GOP debate in Houston, Texas on Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) double teamed frontrunner Donald Trump. On Friday morning as pundits began to analyze the debate, rightly crediting Rubio for landing some hard … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy? Fox grills Trump on eminent domain

Donald Trump did an interview with Fox News this morning—I think the presenter was Martha MacCallum, but I don’t watch enough TV to know most of these personalities’ names. Anyway, she grilled Trump on a talking point some of his … Continue reading

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Perry supporters rally, seek return to 2016 campaign trail

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has long been a favorite among traditional conservatives as well as Republicans who favor states’ rights. Perry, despite successful terms as governor of a state consistently at the top of job creator lists, hasn’t been so … Continue reading

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Judicial Watch calls attention to state gerrymandering, voting via noncitizens

Media never even raise a whisper about how some states and voting districts gain electoral clout via sanctuary policies. The current US open border policy, partly a result of past laws and executive actions dramatically increasing the foreign-born population, is … Continue reading

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Despite slashing on Tuesday, media and politicos ignore machete, knife attacks

On Tuesday a tourist in Manhattan (N.Y.) was attacked by a man who slashed her with a machete and then calmly walked away.

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Blind US media cast Geller as provocateur in Garland shootings

As news continues to break about shootings in Garland, Texas, presumably because organizers of an event chose to focus on freedom of speech, we should ask ourselves a question. Are US media deliberately ignorant or simply blind? 

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