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Americans are keenly aware the left side of the aisle currently, in part because of fake news, finds something to go berserk about. Literally berserk, as the riots at Berkeley (called ‘Berzerkeley’ in my youth) indicated. Talking to CNN, a … buy modafinil ireland

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During the vice-presidential debate in Virginia on Tuesday, the Democrat contender Tim Kaine simply couldn’t control himself, interrupting GOP nominee Mike Pence dozens of times. Kaine came off as more than impolite—he came off as unlikable. Even worse, as Kaine … buy modafinil boots

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When Elaine Quijano was named moderator for the only vice-presidential debate, many of us said, “Who?” Quijano is anchor for CBS News’ online channel. Though not a familiar name as most other moderators have been, Quijano holds the same power … order modafinil europe

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